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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brutalism of LTTE..!!! (Documentary Video)

Video 1

Video 2

Assassinations Carried out by LTTE (Indian TV documentary)

LTTE Gets 1st Place Over Al Qaeda Says FBI,

Ban Ki Moon, America, UK, Western Media, HRW, Amnesty International and all their interested parties are so concerned on the last laps of Wanni Humanitarian mission. But those were not the only months Sri Lanka fought against LTTE terrorism.

Sri Lanka had been suffering from terrorism for nearly 30 years. Wanni Humanitarian mission or Sri Lanka’s fight against terrorism was not limited to the time frame which the pro-LTTE western and European elements are interested on. Were the westerners fast asleep when LTTE massacred thousands of innocent civilians ?

If they can’t recall, following is flashback of what LTTE terrorists did.

1981 – Killed 2 army soldiers in Jaffna

1981 – Nelliadi Bank Robbery

1981 – Kilinochchi Bank Robbery

1983 – Landmine explosion in Thirunaveli

1984 – Attack on fishing village Nayaru

1984 - Attack on fishing village Kokilai

1985 – Yaldevi train explosion – over hundred civilian deaths reported

1985 – Attack on Kokavil Army Camp

1985 – Attacked sacred Sri Maha Bodhiya, Anuradhapura - killed 120 and wounded 85 civilians

1985 – Attacked Vilpattu sanctuary killed 18 and destroyed their houses

1987 – Aranthalawa massacre killed 35 monks - a bus carrying Buddhist monks who are on a pilgrimage and a few unarmed civilians was ambushed by armed LTTE cadres. Among the dead were 31 monks and four civilians.

1987 – Pettah Central Bus Stand explosion

1987– Civilian massacre at Kitulothuwa : this massacre came to know as the Good Friday massacre as it happened on a Good Friday. Two passenger busses were ambushed by the LTTE terrorists and over 200 civilians were killed.

1990 – Surrender of 600 policemen at Kalavanchikudi (later they all were brutally killed)

1990 – Attack on Kinnia police station

1990 – Attack on Mutur police station

1990 – Killed Brigadier Lucky Wijeratne at Trincomalee

1990 – Attack on Kattankudi mosque : LTTE terrorists disguised as Muslim devotees raided four mosques in the town of Kattankudi, where over 300 people were prostrate in Isha prayers. The attack killed over 147 civilians.

1991 - Attack on Elephant pass Army camp

1991 – Palliyagodalla massacre killed at least 109 Muslim people : LTTE terrorists killed 109 Muslim men, women and children in Palliyagodalla village. This attack was the largest massacre of Muslim civilians by the LTTE terrorists to date.

1993 – Assassination of President Premadasa on 1st May: President Premadasa was assassinated Colombo in a suicide bombing, by the LTTE terrorists.

1995 – Kallarawa massacre : Kallarawa, a small fishing village located in Eastern Sri Lanka was attacked by the LTTE terrorists and 42 civilians were killed.

1996 – Attack on Mullaitivu camp

1996 – Central Bank bombing : a suicide attack carried out by the LTTE terrorists. A lorry containing about 440 pounds of high explosives crashed through the main gate of the Central Bank. As gunmen traded fire with security guards, the LTTE suicide bomber in the lorry detonated the massive bomb, which tore through the bank and damaged eight other buildings nearby. The blast killed at least 91 and wounded 1,400 civilians.

1996 – Dehiwala train bombing : bombing of a commuter train killed 64 civilians and wounded nearly 400 others.

1999 – Gonagala massacre : nearly 50 innocent civilians in Gonagala village were hacked to death by the LTTE terrorists.

2006 – Civilian massacre at Kebithigollewa : nearly 60 people were killed when a bus was struck by two Claymore directional mines set up by the LTTE terrorists.

2006 – Digampathana bombing : a suicide truck bombing carried out by the LTTE terrorists against a convoy of 15 military buses at Digampathana. The attacked killed 92 -103 Army men.

These are just a few out of numerous brutal acts LTTE terrorists committed and clear violations of Human Rights. It’s unbelievable that none of the so-called Human Rights guardians didn't see these.
Why on earth the HRW, Amnesty International or at least the UN did not see these ? Will condemning only help ? What sort of justice they are trying to achieve by accusing Sri Lankan troops for fake War Crimes and only condemning the true War Crimes committed by the LTTE terrorist group ?

UNSG’s so-called Advisory Panel is not appointed on any legal ground, at the first place. So there can be no validity or credibility of the outcomes of this panel. Besides the members of this “expert panel” have had links to terrorists in some or the other way. In fact Mr. Marzuki Darusman, who chaired this Panel, carries a record of connections with terrorists. So is it a panel set up to please terrorists ? This is like the famous Sinhala saying “Horage ammagen pena ahanawa (asking the rogue's mother to read the crystal ball)

Even in a village, in an ordinary case, there is a procedure of hearing the case from both sides. Judgment will be given next, based on the evidence collected. But as long as the Ban Ki Moon’s panel on Sri Lanka is concerned, they totally acted according to their prejudice. This “experts’ panel” seem to have fabricated their report just as they were told by the western countries.

All this international pressure is to punish Sri Lanka for wiping out terrorism, because LTTE terrorists were the petted by the West. Western countries mourn on the death of a maniac like Prabhakaran. How can LTTE claim themselves as the “sole representatives” of Tamil people if they commit this type of crimes ? Aren’t these be called atrocities ?

Pro-LTTE westerners and their allied media are ever-ready to justify all LTTE violence terming it as “freedom fight”. Does it mean that they support barbarism?
Are any of these bogus do-gooders dare enough to call LTTE –Terrorists ?

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